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Why is the greenhouse closed on Friday afternoon?

It has been great to see so many of you at the Niagara College greenhouse to pick up colourful fall mums.

As you have noticed, the greenhouse is closed Fridays so we may apply a plant growth regulator to our next crop – the Poinsettias – just in time for the holiday, festive season.

The greenhouse will continue to close Fridays over the next few weeks while we tend to our Poinsettias.  We have a wide selection of colours ranging from red, white, pink, burgundy, and some multi-colour plants as well this year. Applying the plant growth regulator will ensure your poinsettia remains sturdy, well-shaped and healthy throughout the season.  We anticipate the Poinsettias will be ready for sale soon.

So, while we pay special attention to our Poinsettias every Friday, please visit our retail outlet and see the lovely display of colourful mums for sale, as well as many of your favourite perennials, now at a reduced sale price.

Look for the sale of Poinsettias at the end of November: we look forward to seeing you!

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