Poinsettia Mania

Poinsettias are here and ready to go…

Our beautiful Poinsettias are proudly grown by our students and are ready to be sold in 10″ and 6″ pots. We have 16 different varieties of red, white, pink and multicolour available.

We carry some of the newest varieties on the market such as Princettia Pink

Prices are $4.50 for 4″, $7.00 for 6″ and $20.00 for 10″

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Winter Urn Workshop

Winter Urn Workshop

Winter is coming…

It is that time of year again! Your turkey has been carved. Halloween is over, all of the pumpkins are now rotting jack-o-lanterns, or the kids on your street have smashed them to pieces. The vibrant colour from your fall mums have all faded. To top it all off, the days are getting dreary.

Now that you are totally depressed, here is something to brighten your day. You need something to fill those pots in the front of your house, so what can you do? Well, Niagara College Greenhouse and Nursery is holding two workshops on how to create that perfect display of greens to dress up your front porch for the winter.

Teri Sherwood is our resident expert on how to design planters. Her designs have been decorating the campus for the past 15 plus years. She has the patience and know how to show you how to do it yourself. It is done with fresh new students every year!

Teri Sherwood
Teri Sherwood with her custom made to order winter urn for the college presidents front porch

What do you get?

By signing up for this workshop you will get a 10″ decorative pot that will fit into your existing urn, or look nice enough to stand alone. We have brought in a fantastic selection of greens as well as accents to add some spice and colour to your masterpiece. On top of that there is a great selection of accessories to dress up your design and add a bit of “pizzazz” to your masterpiece. As an added bonus to you we are throwing in some tasty treats and warm beverages for you to enjoy from our very own Benchmark Restaurant.

Simple urn created by our students
10″ urn insert
10" urn insert created by our students
10″ urn insert

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Benchmarket features: The Wiarton Tea Company


Homegrown Tea From Our Homegrown Students

Wiarton Tea Company
Local grown tea inspired by local landmarks

Made with fresh ideas and local ingredients, Wiarton Tea Company tea is now available at the Benchmarket in the Niagara College Greenhouse and Nursery. All of the product is grown, dried, and packaged in Wiarton Ontario, where former student and recent graduate of the horticulture program at Niagara College now resides along with his new company. Below is a bit of information about Caleb Hull and his company:

NC Grad, Caleb Hull – Horticultural Technician 2014

“As a student, Niagara College provided the facilities and environment to satisfy all areas of my curiosity relating to horticulture. The time spent in the college greenhouse developed a routine of note-taking, safe growing practices and critical thinking.

Collaboration with experienced teachers provided the knowledge, skill, and key techniques to develop a market greenhouse operation that strives to use as many sustainable practices as possible. Overall, my time at Niagara College encouraged the pursuit to be a disciplined Grower.


After graduating, I was able to secure a horticultural technician job close to my hometown. The Bruce Peninsula provided many opportunities to utilize my skills as a horticulturalist for employment. I soon realized that I was equipped to develop my own greenhouse business and that it was imperative to grow on the Peninsula without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

In the fall of 2015, we raised our greenhouse and started The Wiarton Tea Company. Our mission is to provide organic, locally grown, full-blossom teas and to preserve sensitive plants used in aboriginal culture. We launched our product in the summer of 2016 and plan to sell online as our business grows.”

For more information about Caleb and his adventure please visit their website: The Wiarton Tea Company




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Fall Mums ready to go!!

Fall Mums in bloom & ready to go!

Our summer is winding down, we are approaching the beginning of another school year.   This means that our Fall Mum crop is ready to sell. They are a big and beautiful crop with lots of flower buds and lots of colour. Priced at $6.00 each, they will not last very long, and even crazier, we are offering a deal if you buy 3 or more they are $5.00 each!

fall mum
2 gallon fall mum $6.00 each

With the changing seasons, our hours are changing up a bit as well;

Starting in September, we will be open 7 days a week again!

Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm

See you soon!

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Basil’s Bursary Project

NC Students! Meow can I help?

Basil with Basils-1013
Basil keychains are available now at the Benchmarket.

Basil, if you don’t know, is our lovable greenhouse cat that has been here catching not only critters, but the hearts of staff, students, and anyone he meets around this campus for the past 13 years. He helps us in the greenhouse by catching the unwanted rodents around campus (he is our natural pest control). His charm boosts moral when he takes over students coats and backpacks for an afternoon nap, or absconds with a french fry or two during lunch. He is who everyone asks for when they enter the greenhouse. Now he is going to help a future NC student with their finances, we are selling these Basil plush toy key chains for $6.00 each and a portion of this will go into a $500 bursary in Basil’s name, the rest will go back into the “kitty” to help offset the cost of running the greenhouse. They are for sale now and will remain on sale until November (or until they run out). They are only available at the Niagara College Greenhouse’s Benchmarket. The bursary will be awarded during the winter term (2017).




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Temporarily empty


WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS even though our greenhouse is temporarily empty while we get it ready for the next crop. POINSETTIA’S will be coming in the beginning of August. In order to ensure their success, we need to start off with a clean slate, literally. We have emptied the greenhouse in order to sanitize it, all surfaces have been wiped down and disinfected. Once the Poinsettias come in from our local supplier, our summer students will pot them up. We will have 3000 6 inch, and 500 10 inch plants in a variety of colours, check back soon to see what new varieties we have!

We still have products to sell which are being stored outside at the moment. There are perennials, shrubs, trees, houseplants, herbs and vegetables available. We are still open and hope to see you soon to show you around. Come and take advantage of our vegetable basket program!

20160725_123405 20160725_123411

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Support Student Learning, Eat Healthy!

veggie flyer

We have fresh vegetable available at the greenhouse! Come on in fill up a basket with your choice of freshly picked seasonal vegetables that were picked right from our gardens. We have 3 sizes to choose from and very reasonably priced. Keep the basket and bring it back for a refill, there is a $2.00 deposit on each basket. Eat healthy at an affordable rate and support student learning at the same time!

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Fall Mums are potted!

Fall Mums

Our crop of Fall Mums have been planted and are looking really good! The liners came in the first week of June from one of our many local suppliers. The plants were then potted up by our co-op students, whom have been taking care of them since. Have a look for your self and see how amazing they are shaping up. 20160629_145829They have rooted and now we are moving them outside to our polyhouses in order to finish them off. They should be ready by the time the students start back to school in September, and flower throughout the fall season right up until first frost.

Fall Mums are a great way to add some colour to your entrance-way to your home, and with 12 varieties to choose from the Niagara College Greenhouse and Nursery should have the colour that you are looking for. Come by to see how they are growing, you can pick up some fresh herbs and produce. We will have perennials and other nursery stock available all throughout the summer months. Our greenhouse will be fairly empty during this time in order for us to clean and sanitize the space. Our next crop planned is for the beginning of August and we will be planting Poinsettias, I know, it is way too early for that!

Please come by and pay us a visit, enjoy a glass of wine while you stare off into the vineyard  or grab an ice cold beer from our teaching brewery… there is a lot to do on campus we would be happy to show you around!

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